Management Board Member | Development

Born in 1971, certified construction engineer from Tallinn Technical University, Master of Science in engineering. Has worked as site manager and quality specialist in AS YIT Ehitus. Was the Management Board Member of OÜ Kaamos Ehitus during 2004-2016 and construction director of OÜ Porto Franco from Oct 2016 through March 2017. Has participated in the carrying out of a wide range of complex and large-scale construction projects in Estonia and Finland. Has experience in several real estate development projects from start to finish. In 2010-2016 served as Estonian Association of Civil Engineers

kaupo.koitla@combicon.ee | +372 5348 1668


Management Board Member | Pre-Construction

Born in 1975, certified construction engineer from Tallinn Technical University. In addition, acquired an MBA in business administration from Tallinn Techinical University. Worked as Project Manager, Quality Manager and Development Director in AS Maru Ehitus and its precursors (AS Maru Konstruktsioonid and Hoog Kinnisvara AS). In 2009-2014, was the Management Board Member in charge of design, real estate, IT development and sales in AS Maru Ehitus. Has participated in the carrying out of a wide range of complex and large-scale construction projects in Estonia and Latvia. Has experience with pre-construction of several real estate development projects. In 2015 managed the design and manufacturing of the award winning innovative KODA small residential building prototype in Kodasema OÜ. Member of the Estonian Association for Quality since 2002.

| +372 512 8282


Management Board Member | Finance

Born in 1979. Has acquired the professional higher education in accounting in Tallinn School of Economics and passed the MBA syllabus of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Audentes Univesity. Worked as Chief accountant in OÜ Netroo, AS Rime Kinnisvara, AS Tele2 Eesti. Was the Chief Accountant of AS Kaamos Kinnisvara during 2009-2013, being in charge for the financial reporting of the whole Kaamos Group, and during 2013-2017 the Business Controller at AS Merko Ehitus, being responsible inter alia for the parent company’s internal management reporting and external reporting to the stock exchange. Has extensive experience in modelling various types of business plans and management of finances in real estate development and construction companies.

imre.hohensee@combicon.ee | +372 501 2386